Music Theory Southeast
Eleventh Annual Meeting

Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL


Friday, February 1

Session I: 1:30 — 3:30 Riemannian Relations

"Pegasus Unbridled: Beethoven’s Op. 7 and Riemann’s Theory of Rests,"
Bradley C. Hunnicutt,

"A New Approach to Voice-Leading Analysis in Chromatic Passages: Displacement Class Analysis and Wagner’s Parsifal,"
Scott Baker, Florida State University

Session II 3:15 — 4:45 Musical Motives and Structural Unification

"Singing a New Song: Stephen Foster and American Minstrelsy,"
Matthew R. Shaftel, Florida State University

"Register Motives and Unification: Beethoven’s Piano Sonata Op. 10, No. 1,"
Elizabeth Smith,

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Saturday, February 2

Session III 8:30-10:15 Linear Relations to Harmony

"A Theory of Prolongation in Diatonic Space,"
Evan Jones, Florida State University

"Unification of Harmony and Counterpoint: Dyadic Voice Leading in a Two-Dimensional Pitch Space,"
Mitchell Turner, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

"Linear Chromaticism in the Music of Dmitri Shostakovich,"
William Hussey, Roosevelt University

Session IV 10:30-12:00 Schenkerian Concepts and Formal Structure

"The Schenkerian Interruption as Dramatic Nexus,"
Edward D. Latham, Temple University

"Amplifying the Schenkerian Sonata-Form Interruption Concept: The Case for a Continuous 5^ with an Analytical Interpretation of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata, Op. 101,"
Irna Priore, University of Iowa (Winner, Best Student Paper Award)

Session V 1:30 — 4:00

Analysis and Performance

"The Choreographer as Analyst: Bodily Gesture and Motivic Design in Debussy/Nijinsky’s L’après-midi d’un faune,"
Edward D. Latham, Temple University

"Aspects of Performance and Analysis: Three Unmeasured Preludes by Louis Couperin,"
Philip Chang,

Parody in Music

"Tools of Resistance: The Role of Parody in Frank Zappa’s ‘Serious’ Music,’"
Ross Feller, Georgia College and State University

"Take a Sad Song and Make It Better: Parody and Competing Harmonic Agendas in Joji Yuasa’s Subliminal Hey J. (1990),"
Ron Squibbs, Georgia State University

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